Selling Cars? Buying Cars?

We offer SALES and MARKETING skills to wholesalers, retailers and private owners. If you have a vehicle that you need sold...HIRE US! We offer vehicle promotion and negotiation services.
We also sell cars directly to the consumer!

Need a Car Sold

Wholesalers, Dealers, and Private owners, we can sell a car for you! We offer sales and/or marketing services. Simply put, we can promote it and/or put it up for sell for you.

STAR  is a professional car sales specialist that has over five years of car sales experience. If you are looking to buy a car directly and need a qualfied salesperson, you have the right one! 

Looking for a Car

Are you looking for something specific? Don't know where to go or where to start? We can help locate, purchase and transport your vehicle to you.

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Interested ??

Let's connect! Send us your info & we will make contact with you to see what your needs are.